Home is where my heart is


I’ve been asking myself: When does a house become a home? – Well, I found the answer in an old folk song (probably from the Natives of North America, but I never verified it):

I’ve been travelling a day,
I’ve been travelling a year,
I’ve been travelling a lifetime,
to find my way home.

Home, is where my heart is
Home, is where my heart is
Home, is where my heart is,
My heart is my home.

My heart IS my home, but since I put so much of my heart into my little house, it is now also part of my home. My home also includes people I call family and dear friends, so I’ll probably never be truly homeless, but since I moved in, I do feel like I’ve come home. Being in my tiny house feels like a warm hug by a loved one. Not perfect by outside standards, but perfect in my eyes, including all its imperfections. read more

bad hair day?

Haare mit Stärke

For a long time now I wasn’t very happy with the fact that I could find shampoo only in plastic bottles and mostly filled with who knows what exactly. This got me started in looking for alternatives. How did the people wash their hair back in the day when there was no shampoo from the supermarket/factory?

I saw a short report on TV a few years back, where there was a guy cleaning his hair by “rolling around in the dirt” like his donkey did. I was kind of confused how that would actually CLEAN the hair, but didn’t pay any more attention to it. read more

Move your ass!

Tiny House innen

Even though I wrote before that I needed the toilet to be fully functioning for me to move in, the whole process of building my toilet overlapsed with moving in, since I just couldn’t wait any longer. So the big question was: What do you really need to live?

Well, “need” is defined a little different by each person at each point in time. But since I experienced that being too radical or fast in certain steps of a transformation can turn me off the path completely, I did “allow” myself to stretch the meaning of “need”. read more



After sleeping in my new little house for two nights in a row, it became apparent pretty soon that the next thing before really moving in had to be the composting toilet. There is a house right next to my new home where I can use the toilet, but it’s winter, and I do want to have some luxury…

I found some leftover wood in the attic so I started to build my wooden box for the toilet. The separating toilet seat I had already ordered and received months ago from Separett .

So I started to build the box for the toilet. I’m sure that any carpenter would be horrified by the way I did it, but being pretty or doing it the “correct” way was not high on my list of priorities. I just wanted it to be stable and do the job. First, I built the frame. read more

Every day holds the potential for MAGIC


Magic … like a big and potentially energy-consuming meeting being postponed out of the blue on a day where you feel like you couldn’t have handled it.

Magic … like someone smiling at you when you were so much inside your head, you only saw problems and sorrow.

Magic … like a majestic owl diving soundlessly for its prey right in front of you.

Magic … like one of your favorite musicians playing exactly the songs you were hoping to hear at his amazing concert.

Magic … like a really good friend just being here and listening to whatever you need to talk about – however dumb you might feel it sounds. read more

Of mice and men

mouse in tupper ware

For some time now, I wanted to have a certain type of small animal as a pet. But life somehow sometimes plays twisted jokes on you… Or me at least. The last few weeks (or maybe even more than that) a small family of mice joined my living quaters. However, not caged but free-roaming. Eating everything they can get their teeth on. In the beginning I thought it quite cute, even seeing one or two of them now and then. After some time they got less and less scared of me and almost got cocky in their appearances. The problem with the free-roaming kind is however, that firstly, it’s not that easy to control, what they eat. They just try out everything they find in that room… I’m okay with sharing to some degree… but today I saw that they also got into my stash of vegetable seeds for next year! Not very nice mice… Secondly, it’s not that easy to clean up their habitat, if you have to move all your furniture around. So you can guess that after some time, that room does not smell very powder-fresh. That makes it a little difficult for me to be very happy with my new pets. read more

lessons and new adventures

community garden in Paris

My last blog post about the potential transformational power of traveling was mostly inspired by two trips I took recently. Very different, and yet very similar at the same time.

One included a visit to a couple living in a tiny house in the middle of nowhere, completely off the grid. No electricity, no gas, no running water. Watching them interact with each other and their surroundings. And getting a small taste of how it could feel to have a life where everything you do is in direct response to ones needs for living and surviving. read more

my theme: trial and error

Photocredit: unsplash.com/Laura Barry

As you might have noticed, I changed the theme of my blog, just to try out how you (and I) like it.

But not just the blog theme and design is a game of trial and error for me. everything I do in my life at the moment seems to follow this theme. It’s not always easy to follow this direction though, since it does take a lot of time and effort to try out new things. Also the level of motivation drops when some kind of error occurs. I’m slowly getting used to the process though, and so stumbling and falling down isn’t such a big deal any more. At least most of the time. read more



Every story has its beginning somewhere. But there is seldom one definite place and time. Since all our lives are intricately interwoven, there are no real beginnings, are there? So this first post of my new blog is also not a real beginning, but a natural result of everything and everyone that came before. A next step. One of my previous ones was to quit my job, uproot my life and take a timeout from society. I moved back home, and tried to find out what I really like to do, what excites me. My life’s purpose. By now, society has caught up with me – much sooner than I’d expected. But I’m still looking, wandering, watching the trees grow, even though they stand still. Like a little child, amazed by every new thing life has to offer. But in a way I feel like that is also part of my purpose… read more