I’m a leper

I'm a leper

Now with the next set of restrictions due to the pandemic, I truly feel like a leper, just because I’m not vaccinated (yet?).

And it would be so easy to just conform and get on with my life, but then I wouldn’t even see the struggles of the unvaccinated any more. I won’t be able to feel into all those feelings coming up. Feeling like a nuisance, like a second class citizen. Like someone that everyone else just tolerates and wants to get rid of or at least not see any more. I could simply go on with my life. read more

vaccination bullying and ignoring the underlying problem

vaccination bullying and ignoring the underlying problem

I recently joined another vaccination-antivaccine-debate and realized, that there is a much more problematic dynamic at play here.
In March 2020 when the lockdowns started, a lot of people had high hopes, that we (as a society, as well as as individuals) will use that opportunity to rethink the way we live and do things. That we would reflect on what is really important in life, and question our push to unlimited growth, to higher, bigger, faster.

And even though the process was initiated with some, it was soon hijacked by the soon to come “salvation” that would allow us to go back to “normal” to ignore all the warning signs that what we’re doing, how we treat both fellow human beings as well as all the other beings that are all connected to us is actually doing all of us harm. read more

What you’re worth..

What you’re worth..

We think we need the big money or fame or follower or impact to validate us. We want to get out of that uncomfortable situation of not being sure if we're actually able to make it. If we can stick around long enough to figure out what works and what doesn't. Long enough to figure out what we're really good at, where we shine (both inside and out), and how we can best be of service to others.

The vaccination divide

The vaccination devide

Since the pandemic of covid-19 hit, there has been a divide, that’s been growing. Between the “people following the rules”, so that we can put the lockdowns behind us and get on with our lives, and the “conspiracy theorists”, that are weary of mainstream information being the only and whole truth, questioning decisions, and some of them possibly even going all the way into a story, that this was all planned.

I always felt like somewhere in between, playing the objective connector, keeping perspective. Seeing myself as the “sane” one. But was I? read more

I’m done!

I’m done!

I have a big confession to make…

(there’s also a german version of this in video format)

About 7 years ago I have set out my journey to radically follow my heart. And some time along that way, I got extremely sidetracked by my fear of not being a productive member of society / my clan, which in turn – in my head – is tied to earning money. I have figured out that I like helping people, so all the things I have been doing the last almost 4 years have been – on the surface – geared towards that.

In the beginning, I even “allowed” myself to have the time and space to find my connection to my inner voice. For 3 months or so, and I constantly talked about how important it is, to listen to and follow that inner voice. And it is – to me – the most important thing. But I haven’t radically truly communicated that to the universe through my actions. I did do a lot of self-discovery and unfolding of my inner voice, also after these initial 3 months, but I hadn’t noticed that I had put myself in a cage to do so. read more