Have you ever wondered, what it feels like to live your wild true self?

Around 2012 I started my journey to follow my own wild heart, getting more radical about my own inner truth, going through healing, hard times and also a lot of joy and feeling alive (again). And I want to share my thoughts, experiences and stories with you.

I focus my topics on experiences (my own as well as others) that show curiosity, courage and/or connection. Connection with yourself, others and with nature.

Newest blog posts

Being in Nature

There are a lot of different offers where you can learn different nature skills around survival, plants, crafts, and the ...
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What you’re worth..

I just watched an episode of the old TV-show Men in Trees. One of the episodes is called "What you're ...
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The vaccination devide

The vaccination divide

Since the pandemic of covid-19 hit, there has been a divide, that's been growing. Between the "people following the rules", ...
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