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Even though I wrote before that I needed the toilet to be fully functioning for me to move in, the whole process of building my toilet overlapsed with moving in, since I just couldn’t wait any longer. So the big question was: What do you really need to live?

Well, “need” is defined a little different by each person at each point in time. But since I experienced that being too radical or fast in certain steps of a transformation can turn me off the path completely, I did “allow” myself to stretch the meaning of “need”.

For the moment I moved some clothes, some utensils for the kitchen, towels, and – what I found surprising – mostly books! I did get rid of some of them, and others are still in a box (marked: read at least once but can’t get rid of yet), but at least a third (if not more) of what I moved to my tiny house were books! I can’t (and won’t) say if that’s good or bad, but it was just surprising to me.

I don’t have everything in there yet that I might need at some point, but the first step to living in my tiny house is more or less completed. I didn’t really clean up or prettify it for the pictures (like a lot of tiny house pictures are), since I do actually live in there, but just to give you an idea of how it looks inside at the moment:

tiny house inside

20150106 223831-small

There is obviously a lot still to be done (fix the door-curtain, get a bathroom wall, get a more permanent sink, get a kitchen that looks more in order and more like a kitchen etc. but it’s a start! So what do you think?

Move your ass!
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