The vaccination devide

Since the pandemic of covid-19 hit, there has been a divide, that’s been growing. Between the “people following the rules”, so that we can put the lockdowns behind us and get on with our lives, and the “conspiracy theorists”, that are weary of mainstream information being the only and whole truth, questioning decisions, and some of them possibly even going all the way into a story, that this was all planned.

I always felt like somewhere in between, playing the objective connector, keeping perspective. Seeing myself as the “sane” one. But was I?

And then, when we kind of started to calm down and not only see the differences, but were all happy to go out again, because testing was working, the next great divide was already rolling in: vaccination.

And again, two sides were created: the “responsible” people that got vaccinated as soon as it was possible, and the “anti-vaccine” people were going into defensive mode. Again, nobody talked about all the people in the middle. The ones that are simply hesitant, that feel like burnt children, and feel very much misunderstood.

And it’s a hot topic.

The “responsible”, vaccinated people see everyone that hasn’t already at least gotten their first shot as:

  • ignorant
  • stupid
  • irresponsible
  • selfish
  • inconsiderate
  • careless about the others
  • driven by fear
  • or maybe just lazy.

On the other hand we have the people who are either on the fence, think that it won’t help, or are actively against it for one reason or another, who see the vaccinated people as

  • ignorant
  • stupid people / dumb sheep just wanting back to their consuming, unthinking lives without caring of what’s happening
  • selfish
  • careless about their bodies
  • driven by fear
  • lazy to get informed of what’s going on

So basically more or less the same projections, just a different viewpoint and angle.

And the fear-topic is probably the most interesting to look into even further. Because there are different kinds of fears:

  • fear of getting sick (from covid)
  • fear of infecting others
  • fear of getting sick (from the vaccination)
  • fear of being judged by others (either for getting vaccinated or for not getting vaccinated)
  • fear of not being able to be part of the group/society
  • fear of being ousted
  • fear of loss of reputation
  • fear of being driven by fear
  • fear of being seen as the asshole

People on either side who feel strongly about their decision grab on to it and fight to protect it, demonizing the other side. What if they could open up to seeing and feeling their own as well as as the other side’s feelings, emotions, and most importantly fears?

So what does that leave us with?

The people on the fence, considering getting vaccinated are kept in the in-between limbo of knowing, that whatever they choose, they might loose. In some way, it feels like a lose-lose situation that also takes up a shitload of energy and gets you nowhere.

So how to decide? You can do all kinds of research, bombard yourself with info both from the internet and what others share (either from own experience or from third parties).

But all of this won’t give you your answer. Some bodies can handle certain challenges they are faced with and others not. And that might be different for each individual. So what I see as the only way out of this indecision paralysis is tuning in to your heart voice. Your inner compass knows best, what is the right answer for you. And this of course is also tricky, because so many times our fears mask themselves as our inner voice, wanting to protect us.

This leads us of course to the question of how to figure out the difference. And there is no clear answer for that. We all need to learn this for ourselves. By a lot of trial and error. But if you decide from that inner voice, even if it turns out that it was your fear after all, it’s still going to be “your” decision, so the risk of you regretting it is highly reduced. Right?

Well, I can’t even tell you, that that’s the way. But it’s at least one other way to tackle finding an answer.

And who knows. You might just get to know yourself better in the process. 😉

If you don’t know how to connect to your intuition or hear your heart voice, you can contract me. I might have some pointers for you 😉

The vaccination divide
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One thought on “The vaccination divide

  • 24. May 2023 at 12:35

    I truly resonate with the dilemma. So while leaders created a situation where one must get vaccinated willingly or otherwise, I knew that no one would take up responsibility if something happens due to the vaccination drive. If something terrible happens due to the vaccination, it would be taken as ‘poor immune system’ or ‘one off case’, while a whole life was at risk. So I waited up to a point that I felt that initial experimentation was over and now the vaccination was more into mass production stage. As with every new product launch, there are initial enthusiasts who will be the first to try and there are laggards who will wait for all others before they switch over and all others in between. The same was with the second ‘mandatory’ dose. But when the booster dose came, I realized it was too much and decided to go no further. Thankfully the third stage did not last long . As the saying goes, ‘You can fool some of the people all the time, all the people sometime, but not all the people all the time”


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