Tiny House Container transport

The next adventure was to get the thing to the piece of land that I’m allowed to put it. Since these things are acutally not that light, the crane from the transport company almost couldn’t lift it! During placement on the property, it even temporarily gave in and the whole thing plummeted (slowly but steadily) to the ground! That was eerie, but luckily nothing was damaged.

And now a few impressions… How it looked inside at first (with the stuff from the previous owner):


During transport:


Almost here:


And that’s how it looked when it was finally put in place:


The next steps now are to think of good ways to prettify the inside (so that it doesn’t look so cheap and to finalize the interior arrangement. I thought of using adobe for the walls to maybe get a better indoor climate, but I’m still undecided. Anyone have any tipps or good ideas for me?

A long journey
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