Diary of a Wild Heart Follower


Every day holds the potential for MAGIC

Magic ... like a big and potentially energy-consuming meeting being postponed out of the blue on a day where you ...
mouse in tupper ware

Of mice and men

For some time now, I wanted to have a certain type of small animal as a pet. But life somehow ...
community garden in Paris

lessons and new adventures

My last blog post about the potential transformational power of traveling was mostly inspired by two trips I took recently ...

Observations of life, culture & society

Are you powered by fear?

What is your main driving force for doing something? And have you checked over time if it's still the same?Are ...

Nature Connection

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Tiny House

Tiny House innen

Move your ass!

Even though I wrote before that I needed the toilet to be fully functioning for me to move in, the ...


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Seminar / Workshop / Program experiences & reviews

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Stories of People I find interesting

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