After sharing a little bit about me, I also want to tell you WHY I do what I do and HOW it all fits together. To me, my Vision and Mission are my beacon and guiding light.


I have that obscenely big dream of a world, where every person feels deeply connected with their inner self as well as the people and all of nature around them, so that they know and live exactly their role and purpose in their community and feel part of something bigger.


I achieve this, by being a role model, sharing about my journey, as well as showcasing other role models (both individuals and communities) and supporting and guiding people on each step along the way. I use Permaculture Principles, the 8 Shields Model and Medicine Wheel, Dragon Dreaming, Truthspeaking and Wild Nature (Wilderness) as a base to build a global community of deeply connected people.

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values I live by


Approach everything like an empty vessel and with the endless curiosity of a child.


Do it despite of the fear. do it because of the fear. Only actions speak.


Beauty comes from the energy you put in.


Truth lies beyond what you think you know.