Diary of a Wild Heart Follower


One of those days/weeks/months…

Have you ever had a time in your life where it felt almost impossible to sit at the computer one ...
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Home is where my heart is

I've been asking myself: When does a house become a home? - Well, I found the answer in an old ...
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Haare mit Stärke

bad hair day?

For a long time now I wasn't very happy with the fact that I could find shampoo only in plastic ...
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Observations of life, culture & society

Are you powered by fear?

What is your main driving force for doing something? And have you checked over time if it's still the same?Are ...
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Nature Connection

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Tiny House



After sleeping in my new little house for two nights in a row, it became apparent pretty soon that the ...
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Seminar / Workshop / Program experiences & reviews

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Stories of People I find interesting

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