Tiny House Fundament

The foundation, the base of a house is incredibly relevant. Every detail, every height must fit, so that the house then stands on it stably.

For a long time, the entire floor was simply filled with concrete. At least in Central Europe. But those who build a Tiny House usually think further ahead. Just because it’s modular, mobile and small doesn’t mean it has to be any less stable.

With my second Tiny House, which is almost no longer “tiny”, I thought and planned much more long-term. I had the ground leveled professionally beforehand, massively stable pile-driven foundations, and all the connections it needs to be able to live in a less minimalist way permanently. Whether I live in it myself, or others.

If we limit ourselves too much, and keep thinking “this’ll will do”, or “it will do somehow” , then we will probably not be happy in the long run.

To the question “What does it really need for a good life” I have renounced many “luxury” things in the young exuberance of my reorientation phase because of simplicity. But if we then look at it more deeply, and also consider that it should perhaps also suit other people at some point when we sell it or pass it on, then luxuries such as running water, a fixed electricity connection, and sewage already make sense. At least if we are in the middle of the village/town area.

Of course, this basis requires a bit more planning, money, and time.

And here again it shows very nicely: As soon as we have an idea, it is important that we think more carefully about the purpose of our project. What should come out of it, how should it be, and above all: Why?

My “why” for this cottage has several levels. A long time ago, being in nature gave me the answer that my mission in life is to create spaces for healing, just as the forest has done for me. These spaces can be physical or energetic, in the form of attention and presence.

Tiny houses, in my view, are ideally suited for us to get back to basics, and embark on the journey of our physical, mental and spiritual healing.

They are a non-perfect civilization’s equivalent of the forest. They present us with small and larger challenges, while otherwise making few demands.

What is your why, your basis for everything you do in your life?

If you need support on your path to your base, your foundation, including your why, feel free to contact me for a free consultation where we can see if I, or perhaps someone else, can best help you on your path.

And here are a few impressions of the construction of the foundation for my house

Here, huge pile-driving foundations are driven into the ground…

Tiny House Diaries – The Foundation
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