The walls are built, the roof was already there. The part that was missing up until now was the floor. I wanted to have a nice wooden parquet floor, but didn’t want to pay too much. So I turned to the internet once more and found small amounts of different types of parqet floors. Leftovers from flooring projects. I got a few squaremeters maple, walnut, and oak – all new – for €90 all in all (probably half or less of the original price). Still not cheap, but a price I can live with.

Since the wood has very different colours, I decided to use it to my advantage and tried to create some kind of area separation. The oak is in the sleeping area, the walnut in the living area and the maple in the kitchen and entry way area.


The different floors all had a click-system, but from various companies, so they were all slightly different and didn’t fit into each other that well. The solution was to saw some parts off and also I will need a baseboard at the intersections to correct the slight hight difference. Around the walls there should be a space of 1-2 cm so the wood can expand depending on the temperature in the room, so I will also need some baseboards there, which are still missing.

I see them mostly as “prettifying” features, so I decided to more or less move in already. Move my stuff and sleep there at least. The step after that: the kitchen, sink and toilet 🙂

That’s how it looks now that it’s finished (the part that is left out is intended to be the bathroom):


What do you think?

Walk on wood
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