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It took me a while, but I finally finished the first draft of the interior design of my container tiny-house. Before I bought the container, I already had some ideas of how to organize everything on the inside, but the placement of the windows and the door limited my options greatly, so I had to re-plan the whole thing. I still haven’t figured out how to manage the windows on the short side, because the loft bed gets in the way of opening them completely. The height of the loft bed is kind of fixed, because with the container also came (among other furniture) two identical robust cupboards that I intend to use as base for the loft bed.

After having some pictures in your head of some idea, you often develop a tunnel vision that gets narrower each time you revisit the whole subject. The realization of that fact alone however does not help in the process of stepping out of the tunnel. And since I’m riding the wave of experimenting instead of planning everything to death, I’ll probably go through with that layout, if no great new ideas are thrown my way. I am however always open for suggestions 🙂

After due consideration I decided to use the tool “Sketch up” to do the interior design plans. It’s free, pretty easy to use – especially after watching a few of the tutorial videos – and more than enough for the amount of detail I was looking for. Be aware that some of the furniture is probably not going to be exactly like that, because I chose it from a list of pre-designed objects that are available for download in Sketch up. The kitchen counter for example will be a little smaller, and in turn the wardrobe in the right corner will be a little bigger. So… here it is! My first draft:

Innen-Plan 01 Innen-Plan 02

As already mentionned, comments, suggestions and hints are always welcome and greatly appreciated!

Interior Design – first draft
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