My rusty bucket

Additionally to my “big” and relatively new office container, I also additionally got an old construction trailer without axis or wheels. It’s only 4m x 2,2m (compared to the office container that’s the standard size of 6m x 2,5 m) and is only the aluminum shell with a makeshift floor and I’m not even sure if there aren’t any leaks in the roof. Also it is/was “a little” rusty in places. Here are some first impressions in her new place next to my living container:


Since especially for the roof it’s important that it’s leak-proof, that was the first thing I started working on. Sadly I forgot to take a picture of the original state, but after I gave it a good few hours of sanding, cleaning and then applying a layer of anti-rust-varnish or whatever it was exactly, that’s how it looked:


The explanation on the bucket said that all parts that are still rusty, should turn black. But the whole roof turned into different shades of grey/black, so I’m not completely sure if I did it correctly. I was a little concerned if the actual paint was going to cover the black, but was pleasantly surprised. After only the first coat of paint, the roof of my not-so-rusty-anymore bucket looked like this:


All in all I’ll probably apply about 3 layers, just to make sure. And the walls will be next. I’ll probably give it a one-color conservative first coat and then maybe as a future step live out my more creative side. But that’ll have to wait until I’m a little further along with my living quarters 😉

My rusty bucket
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