This concept of letting go is a really fascinating one. It is said that by letting go and not holding on to something or someone, you gain much more than you had before. This requires a certain amount of trust in something outside yourself – depending on the situation, that trust is easier or harder to accept. But as long as the whole thing stays a concept – just a theory, attaining that trust is really hard. Even if you experienced it a few times – and were positively suprised that it actually worked – that trust doesn’t come naturally. Is that something that we never had or has our current way of living and the way we and our parents and grandparents trained each new generation to see the world forced us to unlearn that trust?

An interesting question, but for most of us still irrelevant, because it doesn’t change the fact that we don’t have it now. Letting go can be done on very different levels. On the physical level, it might be easier to part with things and people that do no longer enrich one’s life. It’s also most of the time the first step of letting go. The harder part is letting go on a deeper, psychological level. In my opinion, this can be done by actively making yourself aware of your feelings and what is, and the rest happens magically on its own most of the time, as long as you have the patience.

for me, letting go is still a battle most of the time – and I know that that is an oxymoron to some degree. I’m still taking just small steps, forcing myself on the physical level to let go, and gradually I see that time takes care of the rest. So I’m slowly – veeeery slowly – building up that trust in life again. There is a saying that if you let someone go and *he comes back, *he is forever yours, but if *he doesn’t, *he never belonged to you in the first place. There are many layers to that, and I’m discovering more and more of it as I go…

letting go
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